Residential Community Care Ltd provide residential care placements for individuals  with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and complex emotional and behavioural needs within our homes across Berkshire

We focus on  individuals; delivering excellent social care to meet each person’s needs and empowering them by building on their own strengths and developing the skills and self –esteem necessary to live an independent and fulfilling life.

We support individuals of  all different ages and abilities. With over 30 years experience we offer unique care packages to meet each individual needs.

We have a dedicated and experienced team who fully understand that challenging behaviours can often be prevented by careful management.

Our aim is to provide high quality personal care to adults with learning
disability that may in addition exhibit behaviors and characteristics consistent with the autistic spectrum;and who may additionally have physical or sensory disability. Our objective is to provide this care in an atmosphere where privacy, dignity, the promotion of independent living skills, security, and civil rights and choice, are continually at the forefront of all our procedures and policies.